Starting from the bottom


What is a Blog?

Well… You are looking at one!

blog is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.

Blog def.

Are you more visible? Check out What is a Blog?


Who writes these things called…BLOGS?

Anyone can write a blog. From worldwide known companies to a middle school student.

Check out these blogs…

Non-Profit Blog: Huffpost Impact

Large Company Blog: Johnson & Johnson

Crafting Blog: Vintage Revivals

Business Blog: Amy Porterfield

Healthcare Blog: CareCloud


Blogging in Healthcare

Who uses it?

Physicians, pharmacists, healthcare executives, and clients


To spread reliable medical advice, issues, and knowledge.


As simple as… Blogging.

See how Managed Care‘s blog can assist any health care blogger with all of their needs.


Helpful Hints for Beginner Bloggers

  1. Define your Goals- Short term and long term. Focus on what you want to gain from your blog.
  2. Know your Audience- Teenagers to Business Professions. Pick an audience and build loyal readers.
  3. Consistency- design, content, and timing. Be consistent with everything you do.
  4. Visible and Inviting- Ask for participation from your readers and keep conversations going. Branch out to more social media site to build your brand.
  5. Be Bold but Be Yourself- Take a risk and try something new. Put yourself in every piece you write so your loyal readers enjoy coming back.

Now go and start your blogging adventure!



5 thoughts on “Starting from the bottom

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog the cute pink picture at the top caught my eye first! I thought all your headlines were super cute and clever! I also really liked how you had a picture saying what the definition of a blog was. All the pictures were adorable and very creative! I thought they corresponded very well with the theme of your blog! Reading the section about blogging in healthcare was super informational. It was great that you gave short and sweet answers. It seems like your answers to the questions get right to the point which is great for blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dana, I really enjoyed reading through your blog post. I think you followed through with the instructions very well. Your page is very vibrant and it really does attract the reader’s attention. It is not too much going on and you keep things on your site well organized. There is no clutter and I was able to navigate through the website with no problems. I think the theme worked especially well for the topic at hand and seeing the theme you chose, I would say that it shows your creative side. It gives the reader a chance to see what you like. The images were really nice and they went well with each section you placed on the site. The YouTube video was a nice touch as well and I noticed you had a section dedicated to the different types of blogs so that first time users could see how to use the different types. My only advice for future blog posts would be to expand on what you are talking about. I think you can add two or three more lines to each section without over doing it and running into clutter. Great job!


    Liked by 1 person

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