Phase One: Facebook

Where to start…

Facebook, what is it?


Who uses Facebook?

750 Million registered users.. YES! You read that correctly.

Facebook is automatically thought of as a site that connects a person with friends and family but Facebook is so much more. Facebook is becoming a primary source for users looking for  health information. 94% of users looking for health care information on social media turns to Facebook.


Facebook has a place for you…

Business: Mayo Clinic

MayoclinicMayoClinic Mission


31,449 People talking about Mayo Clinic

799,184 Total page likes

5,193 New likes

Campaign: Movember

MovemberMovemeber Mission


200 People talking about Movemeber

94,342 Total page likes

115 New page likes

Non-Profit: UNICEF

unicef facebookUNICEF


374,371 People talking about UNICEF

5,792,211 Total page likes

23,797 New page likes

Power of the Like!

Price of a like.png

There is even more benefits…

Benefits of facebook

5 Business Benefits of Facebook to help YOU!

  1. FREE. FREE. FREE. It cost absolutely nothing to create a Facebook account. That’s the easy part, the time and effort required is a little more than average since you cant set it up and forget about it. You need to make your presence active and regular to keep visitors engaged.
  2. Advertising Platform. With millions to connect too, Facebook is an easy tool to create highly targeted ads. *for a fee* Ads can identify audience by location, age, and interests.
  3. Reputation and Branding Message. The way you present your message and what you say about yourself is what fans see. Facebook allows you to proactively manage your reputation and gives you an outlet to interact with fans.
  4. Provides a “voice of the customer.” Listening to the interactions and feedback between you and them.. or them and others.. *Candid feedback-extremely valuable to understanding the needs and wants of the customers.
  5. Prospective new patients. Facebook can product patient prospects, new patients, referrals and repeat business. Increase your fan base.


I bet you’ll think twice before hitting a LIKE button again. 


3 thoughts on “Phase One: Facebook

  1. Dana,
    I liked how you explained that Facebook can be used for businesses, campaigns and non-profit organizations. The 5 points how businesses benefit was interesting to read and a brilliant addition to your blog. The format used makes your blog easy to read and follow to each topic being discussed. Using bold letters helped with the separation of subtopics and the finding of important information provided. Describing the goals of the organizations, was helpful to me as a reader. People like to know the mission and purpose of an organization before donating. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

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