Healthcare, It’s Time to Start Nesting on Twitter


Tweet Tweet

Twitter is a social media site to see what is happening right now in companies’ and people’s lives by connecting with communities and conversations. Twitter even has a Twitter. Anyone and everyone has a twitter account. Sign up now.

Brief History…

Tweeting Basics…

Twitter slang- the need to knows

Tweeter's LingoHashtag dontsTwitter helper tips

Healthcare cracked the Twitter egg wide open…twitter cracking thru

Communication & Engagement: GET PEOPLE TALKING!

Healthcare Organizations recognized the power of using Twitter in 2010. Since then more and more organizations seem to trickle onto twitter. A few organizations have really gone above and beyond..

  • ODPHP– A tweet chat held during Health Literacy Month, in October 2010, included one expert advisor and a panel of 11 key opinion leaders. 160 individuals participated in the chat which yielded 1000 tweets and 360 uses of the chat’s hashtag.
  • HLM: In October 2010, HLM hosted its first tweet chat which drew 100 participants and resulted in 500 tweets.   According to the hashtag tool there have been over 8,300 tweets which have used the #healthlit hashtag since October 2010.
  • NPIN:  For 2010 National HIV Testing Day NPIN held a tweet chat event that included representatives from 99 state and local health departments, community-based organizations and activists.  Over 1000 tweets, representing 145 Twitter accounts, were tracked using #NHTD.  Their Twitter following increased by 10% during the week of the event.

twitter tweetingFollow the 4 Ps of tweet charts..


  • Participate in existing tweet chats. Choosing a topic for your chat.  Find out what your audience is talking about by identifying, following and analyzing popular hashtags.


  • Know your goals. Assemble a team to manage the chat and assign responsibilities (Director, Moderator, Monitor, and Resonder). Make your event timely by choosing a topic that people are actively talking
  • HINT: TweetChat helps manage the actual event and monitor the conversation.


  • Start promoting in advance.Identify and invite a panel of influencers who are leading conversations about your topic (both online and offline). Invite both relevant organizations and individuals
  • HINT: Hashtag tools to help identify top Twitter users: Topsy, Hashtracking and The Archivist


  • Archive key points from the chat including relevant resources. Tell your audience what was learned.

Don’t believe me? Well, maybe, Dr. Timimi from Mayo Clinic can talk some sense into you!


Twitter Laid an Egg?

Egg nest


Periscope is an app that enables users to share and view live video broadcasts. The experience isn’t just one-way; viewers can provide feedback in the moment by sending chats and hearts. Viewers forge a more personal relationship with the broadcaster.

Check It Out!












5 thoughts on “Healthcare, It’s Time to Start Nesting on Twitter

  1. Dana,

    Great job on your twitter blog! I loved how you used videos they gave examples and plenty of pictures that helps readers get a better understanding of what twitter is and how to use it. Your headings were extremely creative, my favorite “Healthcare cracked the Twitter egg wide open…” The picture below does a nice job of complimenting the heading. It was nice to read multiple examples of healthcare organizations that use their Twitter accounts to help benefit their business and others health. It was easy to locate because of your hyperlinks for each example. Your four P’s are helpful tips for creating healthy tweet! Overall you did a fantastic job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought you did really well on the twitter blog! I liked the way you had everything set up and the video examples were really nice. I also noticed you had clever section titles like “Twitter laid an Egg”. It was all very enjoyable to look at and read through and it was easy to understand and I was able to obtain a good bit of information. There are many different components going on and its really creative and looks very good. The first picture and the title go together which I thought was clever. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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