LinkUp your Healthcare Organization with LinkedIn

Operation: Mastering LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a website provided for professional networking. You hold the power to connect and navigate through this user-friendly site with a little over 414 million current users. Amazingly.. just over 1.5 million healthcare professionals are utilizing the site for networking, job searching, and professional development.

Where to Start…

  1. Create an account! On your profile briefly share your experience, education, accomplishments, and associations. Add a professional picture, this isn’t a time for duck lips.2016_02_16_10_32_48_Sign_In_LinkedIn
  2. Proof-read!  This is what job seekers have to go off of and you don’t want to be considered unqualified because you didn’t take an extra minute to look over what you wrote.
  3. Build Connections!  With each connection, you grow not only your first-degree network with direct contacts but your secondary and tertiary networks grow as well. Asking and answering professional healthcare industry questions will bring more attention to your profile by users interested in the healthcare industry.linkedin-social-media-connections
  4. Keep your eyes peeled! Hiring mangers will post open positions on LinkedIn and will use the site for selecting potential candidates through referrals and postings.

Great Example: Mark Flynn, Assistant Professor of Communication at Coastal Carolina University.


Mark Flynn’s page has everything up to date, a great picture, and he has connected with 325 people so far. It seems like he has mastered his page now, what can you do to grow your business’ page? Keep in mind your business page is just like a personal page, LinkedIn will allow both you and your business to flourish.

5 Marketing Steps to Grow your LinkedIn Page

  1. Complete Profile
  2. Connect with EVERYONE!
  3. Endorse and recommend others
  4. Create your own targeted LinkedIn group
  5. Optimize profile for search rankings


Lewis Howes has branded himself from the inside out. Lewis expanded from his LinkedIn profile and continued to build his empire. He learned early off that utilizing social media will continue to grow businesses and will allow expansion to come at lighting speed. All of these expansion must have a marketing plan to go along with each social media site.

Check out CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield‘s Page…


CareFirst is not messing around when it comes to their page. It is clean, professional, and organized. You first take notice to their logo which is the most important! Once you are on their page you can see how you are connected. I have one first-degree connection and 31 second-degree connections. This organization puts out about three to four post a week which keeps their company relevant in your feed. CareFirst is a great example to follow in making your healthcare organization/ buisness’ page.

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3 thoughts on “LinkUp your Healthcare Organization with LinkedIn

  1. Great job Dana! You structured this blog perfectly so that it was easy to follow along and read while also keeping it professional looking. Your use of pictures kept it interesting and informative as well. I like how you used Dr.Flynns LinkedIn as an example for us to relate to but also get familiar with the site. Your use of bolding helped the important things stand out and look back to when using your directions. Looking good!

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