Healthcare is becoming “Insta” Famous

“Insta” Famous is a real thing and it has been happening since October 6, 2010 on an app, called Instagram. Yet another app, I know, but Instagram is actually connected to Facebook. Yes, you heard that correctly, Facebook bought out Instagram for $1 Billion in April 2012. Since they are connected it makes it easier to sharing content between the two sites. The sites can also be accessed from an app on your mobile device or on the screen on your computer.


Instagram is here to put together a snap shot story for your followers. 400 Million Active Users are on Instagram but only about 54% of the world’s top brands are currently active. Why are more companies not utilizing this FREE advertising outlet?

Could it be, people don’t understand how to tell their brand’s story? Well, there are just 5 easy steps in Story telling on Instagram.

Just remember…

The basics still apply like any of the other social media outlets; know your target audience, determine best marketing strategy, content type to inspire people, set goals and objectives, and have clear methods in place for measuring your pages success.

5 Story Telling Tips

  1. Take photos of your staff.Give the viewer an idea of what is going on at that meeting your sitting in or what friendly faces came into work today. These photos will build trust, loyalty and will have your followers wanting more. Check out the Arnold Palmer Hospital page, they do a great job showing off their staff and happy patients.2016_02_22_12_27_41_Jump_List_for_Google_Chrome_2_
  2. Share a Sneak Peek. Make sure your followers feel extra special and reward them with a first look at something never seen before.  This could be anything from a new product, a future ad, a new building or even a event. Advocate Health Care did a fantastic job showing off their sneak peak of a few cars at the Chicago Auto Show.2016_02_22_12_32_56_New_notification.png
  3. Take them Behind the Scenes. Make your followers feel like they are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity that most people never have had the chance to feel. Palmetto Health gives you an inside look to someone undergoing a Robot assisted surgery with one of their very own doctors. 2016_02_22_12_51_16_New_notification.png
  4. Embody the Lifestyle your Company represents. There are many different routes you can take your company down using just pictures. Example: A health or healthy lifestyle brand can share motivational photos and healthy tips that educate and inspire your followers. American Red Cross does a good job educating its followers with some fun facts as a post. 2016_02_22_13_02_33_American_Red_Cross_americanredcross_Instagram_photos_and_videos
  5. Be Creative and Comical. Display your product or service in a creative or comical way. Chobani uses mass amounts of creativity in all of their post. They didn’t just throw a picture of a contain of their product, instead they transformed their Greek yogurt into a whipped pancake topping. Clever and will have their followers to try this next time. 2016_02_22_13_12_55_Chobani_chobani_Instagram_photos_and_videos.png

Real Life: Health Organizations on Instagram

If you are scared your health organization is going about Instagram in all the wrong ways. Well, don’t be. Check out these two current health organizations and learn from what they have done.


Chicago Department of Public Health shares mostly promotional messages, which usually receive little engagement. Due to the way they advertise they only have 525 followers and not much interaction on their page.

Ways to Improve:

  • Allow text to be interactive. Ask questions.
  • Promote a fundraising event in the local area.
  • Offer promotional discounts, “Bring one child for testing, get the second testing free.”
  • Thank Followers for being their and looking at content.
  • Create a clever hashtag.


The Red Pump Project promotes awareness and education for women and girls about HIV/AIDS with using the red shoe as a symbol. Their typical post are from events and snapshots of day to day activities the project does. They also included an empowering hashtag to go along with everything #RocktheRedPump.

Ways to Improve:

  • Thank followers for their support, show how much money they have raised.
  • Utilize text-to-give campaigns.
  • Promote website more in text on the photos.


Some healthcare organizations have showed what they are made of and killed the Instagram game but companies can utilize their employees in a professional matter as well. Breaking Instagram is the real McDreamy, Doctor Mike. Yes, this is his personal page but since he has gotten so much attention from his good looks; he has decided to find ways to help the Limitless Tomorrow Foundation gain recognition and raise money.

Way to go Doctor Mike!




3 thoughts on “Healthcare is becoming “Insta” Famous

  1. You did a very great job explaining how Instagram works and is beneficial! I really enjoyed reading your blog, it was very creative and the pictures were very interesting and captivating. I think you did a really good job at adding a good amount of pictures and you added many helpful hyperlinks. You did a really good job at providing examples. My favorite part was all of the tips you gave for a health organization using Instagram. You’re blog was very easy to follow and kept me interested!

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  2. Loved all the tips you including taking pictures of staff and showing appreciation for the staff. I also really like that you pointed out behind the scenes pictures I think those would be influential when following an organization. Also all you tips for ways for improvement were interesting also, nice job!

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