Social Media Strategies for Healthcare Pages

So far in previous blogs, we have covered the basics and “how-to” for Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Woo! If you have accomplished setting up ALL of these different social media accounts, why don’t you give yourself a pat on the back! Way to go! Now its time to make sure you have your basic strategy for a social media account and a content strategy to fill that account with attention grabbing posts.


Basic Strategy.

Before starting anything you need a Social Media Basic Strategy. Having a strategy will allow your account to operate smoothly. I highlighted these basic strategy roles in previous posts but this strategy is VERY IMPORTANT so I would like to draw a little more attention to it!

  1. Identify your Target Audience– Who are you trying to grab the attention of? Teenagers, College Students, Parents, Older adults, or Seniors. Not just WHO but look at other areas like education, location, income, race, family life. There are a lot of different people you can target. Choose wisely for what you are offering on your Social Media account. Group of Multi-Ethnic Socially Connected People
  2. Determine your  objectives- Create a timeline for your account to follow. Determine what items need to be completed and choose a due date. Giving an accomplish date will put time restraint on a checklist item to ensure they get completed. Here is an example of objectives that can be used when starting your social media account. Just don’t forget to include a date! social-media-strategic-business-objectives
  3. Select appropriate channels for your message- What Social Media platform do you want to start on first? You can honestly, pick any of them but you do want to pay attention to which are used more, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Business-Social-Media
  4. Decide upfront how much time and effort you can invest- Are you able to pay someone or multiple people? Is this that employee’s only job? Some companies employ multiple people to run their accounts, other companies tack a social media account onto daily work of an excising employee. If your company has the mean, go ahead and splurge on an employee dedicated to Social Media. Impact-of-Social-media-on-healthcare

Content Strategy.

To build your accounts and get your company out there, you must have content in your post that people will actually stop and read.  There are 5 successful tips for Social Media Content.

Know your Voice- 

Your social media accounts should “sound” like your brand. Humorous, serious, educational, emotional; there are so many voices to choose from, just pick one. Lets say you would like to show an Educational Voice, well you’re in luck! MUSC Hospital has an amazing Facebook Page that shows you how to accomplish an educational voice.

  • Share breaking industry news that is relevant. Stay on stop of what’s going on in your industry or niche by using Google Alerts. Keep the readers up to date and feature articles that will bring track to your page. MUSC did a great job showing what tanning beds do to the body right before most people start using them to prepare for summer. tanning.png

Time your Content-

  • Create a conversation calendar that spells out exactly what you are going to post and when you will post it. This is the time to make sure its relevant in people’s lives and the season of the year. This example of a conversation calendar includes on social media platform: Twitter and is only 2 days of planning. Keep in mind if you are active on multiple social media platforms a calendar will be a must to keep things straight.

  • Timing is KEY! Use Holidays to plug in a little health information in a fun manner. Check out how MUSC Health used Valentine’s day to talk about the heart! This is a great day to bring up how we need to keep our hearts healthy and just how to do it. Heart-Valentines day

Engage with Audience-

No one likes being talked at and never having a chance to respond but social media changes that whole problem. The interaction and engagement held with followers, fans, viewers is a tricky thing to accomplish but there are easy ways to get people talking.

  • Ask for reviews or testimonials and Share them! Reviews from fans or followers is one of the best ways to get testimonials that you can use as social proof on your website. Sharing those reviews and testimonials will have more fans and followers turning their good words in. Check out Mrs. Purdue’s testimonial about her health story.testimonial

Be True. Be You. 

Great content is not fake! If you make promises, keep them! Be honest in your posts and when interacting with people. But most importantly BE YOU! Don’t be afraid to get personal, this allows people to connect on a personal level and will be more inclined to follow.

Now Go, Create a Strategy for each of your Social Media Platforms!Social-media



2 thoughts on “Social Media Strategies for Healthcare Pages

  1. Dana, I love your use of pictures and tips! I especially love the Social Media Strategic Objectives. I love how you first explained how to use objectives and then put the visual to describe it even more. I also love your use of “Educational Voice”. I think this is a really great idea and you really hit it home when you used very specific examples such as ‘Tip Tuesdays’ and a definition of how to execute this idea. Overall, you did a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dana, you did a great job with the pictures and tips. I like how you broke down the different audiences a health organization can have. I like how after each tip you gave a very detailed description of it, and provided a picture. The “How to get people involved” section was a good touch. The fan of the month and photo contest are great ideas to keep a fanbase. Also I liked the idea of taking photos of behind scene things in the office, because it shows your audience you are more than a company. You did a great job with this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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