Evaluate your Healthcare Organization’s Social Media Marketing Plan

Venturing back for more amazing incite, I see. From my previous blogs you have learned about the most popular social media platforms to use for your health organization and  you have perfected your social media strategy. It’s now time that you learn how to effectively evaluate your social media platform. Social media platforms take time and money from a company so why not make sure you are utilizing their full potential. Take some advice from this guy, Don’t waste money!


Are you afraid you aren’t utilizing the full potential of your social media accounts? Well… fear no more, there are 4 simple measures to make sure you are focusing your social media participation perspective in the right direction!

4 Simple Measures


  1. Conversation Rate–  # of audience comments (or replies) per post. This is where knowing your audience and what they enjoy seeing/reading comes into play.  Don’t be afraid to have meaningful conversations with your followers, this aspect of social media is greatly overlooked because most organizations are more worried about getting a new post out into the web.
  2. Amplification Rate– Expanding your primary followers will ultimately allow your secondary followers to grow. Having someone share your information out to their followers is the way to build your amplification rate. When your secondary followers see your content and like the things your organization post  then eventually your secondary network will become your primary network by just clicking that follower button.  

    On Twitter: Amplification = # of Retweets Per Tweet

    On Facebook, Google Plus: Amplification = # of Share Per Post

    On a blog, YouTube: Amplification = # of Share Clicks Per Post (or video)amplification_social_media_metric-1.png

  1. Applause Rate– Again,  know your audience! Get to know what they like and what they don’t like so you can  

    One Twitter: Applause Rate = # of Favorite Clicks Per Post

    On Facebook: Applause Rate = # of Likes Per Post

    On Google Plus: Applause Rate = # of +1s Per Post

    On a Blog, YouTube: Applause Rate = # of +1s and Likes Per Post (or video)amplification-applause.png

  2. Economic Value– The sum of short and long term revenue and cost savings. Social media participation isn’t solely to drive business outcomes. There will only be a small percentage of your followers that actually venture off of your social media accounts to your company’s website.

ROI- Return on Investment

One of the best ways to figure out if your organization is benefiting from the time, money, and effort that was needed to uphold the social media platform. Why waste time on a social media platform if your company isn’t benefiting from it but instead losing time and money. 

How to calculate your ROI: Analytic tracking has seemed to be the best way! In the past it has been most common to use a third party company, which comes with a price. But why can’t this feature be FREE? Well, its becoming a tread that we see the social media websites developing their own analytic dashboard. 

Check It Out: Twitter introduced its own analytic dashboard in July 2014 for ALL users, not just company pages. This dashboard tracks tweet impressions, engagement, and what sources are linked to your content. 


Now that you have all the tools to set-up and execute a perfect social media page. It is very important to always go back and evaluate each of your platforms when there is growth. Never stop evaluating and making changes because there is always room to make improvements!


One thought on “Evaluate your Healthcare Organization’s Social Media Marketing Plan

  1. I really enjoyed your blog! It was set up very well, and I really enjoyed they way everything flowed – from your pictures to paragraphs and everything else. I think you did a great job with using hyperlinks; there were multiple which gave us many opportunities to learn even more. Your paragraphs were well written and were very easy to follow. Also, your tone was not too serious; it was more fun so it made it way more interesting to read! You did a great job overall!

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