The Social Media’s Do’s and Don’ts for Any Healthcare Organization

Recap: You’ve learned the most popular social media platforms, the perfect strategy, how to evaluate those master pieces you’ve created. But how many of you went on to create at least two of those platforms?


Woo! Looks like all of you did! Way to Go!

But…Could there be more? You can bet your bottom dollar there is more! Healthcare can be a touchy subject and it’s time to break down what’s appropriate for your organization to post in 4 simple rules.

4 Simple Ethics Rules

1. Link Reliable Content (Only after reading the link fully)

Use your page as a source for people to turn towards when wanting an interesting content pertaining to your company’s specialty. When retweeting or sharing make sure you are checking and rechecking the content because this is something that can effect your creditably by just hitting that share button. This sounds like a given, right? Well, actually, EVERYONE is guilty of not reading content before reposting it and we know this thanks to The Verge.

Now you’re thinking… Why write these articles if no one is reading them? I guess it’s a good thing there are people out there who actually actively paying attention. And there is a simple way to calculate how many of those readers there are, by using “Attention Minutes

Attention Min

2. Avoid Stigmas

With the increasing growth of social media the growth of cyber bullying is also on the rise. Let’s help eliminate those numbers by STANDING UP and SQUASH THE ISSUE! Don’t sit back, speak up if you see any sort of stigmatizing post. Check out how these women from all different backgrounds shut down a ugly comment about the black female model with full lips rocking MAC lipstick shade.


That’s not the only way a healthcare organization can avoid stigmas. A company’s social media holds power in the fact that they are able to reach a large audience with a click of a button, so why not shed light on a negative stigma. Check out what or should I say WHO the American Cancer Society highlighted during a weekly #WCW post. (That’s Women Crush Wednesday if you aren’t up to date on the lingo yet)


3. Make Online Engagement Conversational

There are many different way’s to participate online, check out that conversation happening on that adorable family photo you just looked at. A sweet post about a look into a cancer survivors life has people wanting to talk, all positive and happy thoughts. The more recent The Salvation Army ad “The Dress” shows great engagement.

The Salvation Army Ad

The Salvation Army not only did a brilliant job portraying a difficult topic in a power stance, they included a hashtag #StopAbuseAgainstWomen. This one simple hashtag will allow the company to track and find post easily and can help their company to see how that hashtag is trending.

4. Privacy & Safety


There is a fine line between getting personal and over-sharing. But like Dwight clear states you can’t just post a notice protecting your privacy rights. It is important to consider your own privacy online, while sharing your story and health information because once it’s online, it’s there FOREVER! Keep in mind when sharing other’s stories, ask permission and be mindful of their privacy. Developing policies and procedures for safe commenting on any website is a great idea for companies to insure employees are making the best post under the company’s name.


But should a company stop there or should they hold healthcare providers accountable for their behavior on social media?

Should Healthcare Provider’s be held Accountability for their Behavior on Social Media?

That is the all time question! Yes, everyone has a personal life but if it were to effect your company in a negative way would it become a problem?


Lets ask a Miami hospital, Oh my, you haven’t heard about what happened down south well let me sum this crazy story up for you. A fourth-year neurology resident has been removed from her clinical duties after an outrageous drunken stupor that got it’s limelight on YouTube. She essentially violated her Uber driver and destroyed his car all followed by her fleeing the scene. If you must, you can check out the entire show.

Would you reprimand her and to what extent?

Social media holding such a large presents, Is it time companies enroll rules and regulations outside of the work place to uphold their company’s name?


One thought on “The Social Media’s Do’s and Don’ts for Any Healthcare Organization

  1. You did a great job on this week’s blog! It looked very professional and was well written. I like how you added the examples from the readings into your blog, like the Salvation Army campaign, the Uber Driver, and the Mac advertisement. I also like how you added your own examples like the American Cancer Society’s #wcw. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more!

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