Snapchat on the Rise

Breaking through the social media walls with 100 million daily active users, Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks. Not only are users flocking to this network but other businesses aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity. Why? Who knows maybe they are nervous of using raw images and video to depict their company but in reality these raw glimpses into a company allow users to feel more personally connected. Well let me put you to ease and break down how, why and who uses this app.

Where to find Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that you download on any smart phone device. Just head on over to your app store! That being said you can not access your account from a computer making it impossible to use already shot photos making everything you shoot raw and happening at that exact time.


How to use Snapchat

Point. Shoot. Send. It is as simple as that! But you really need to know what content to post. Since the media you will use is raw, you need to make sure it is clean and still professional.

  1. Develop Content Frequently– Don’t let you fans forget about you! I know for every other social media platform you have been told to not go crazy posting multiple post a day but on Snapchat it is actually advised to post multiple snaps a day to your story.this-mind-blowing-graphic-shows-how-many-snapchat-photos-are-sent-per-second
  2. Get Creative- Draw and write on your pictures and videos. You can even use emojis now! This is the time to grab the attention of your followers. Telling stories can be another creative way to show your followers what you’re doing! Check out what GrubHub did using pizza…eg-grubhub-pizza.jpg
  3. Know your Audience & Connect with them- Snapchat is used most by 18-25 year olds. Age never stopped anyone so know what they are interested about and really focus your snaps on what they like. Social media is for interaction so why not bring that to Snapchat. Check out what Sephora did on their story…2016_04_12_15_03_41_Eyebrows_on_Fleek_SephoraSnapsSweeps_on..._BeautyTalk.png

New Feature Alert!!!

You can now create your own Geofilter. What is a geofilter, you ask, well it is a fun way to show where you are and what your doing. This filter can be used by anyone in the set location of your geofilter, they don’t even need to be your follower! The cool thing about this is now you can make your own! So that little filter at the bottom of the screen can be yours for a small price. Check out Coastal Carolina University’s first ever geofilter. Come up with creative ones to help get your name out on snapchat.


Start Snapping! 


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