5 Keys to Keeping the Social Media Doors Open

WOW! Look at you, out here on your own managing your social media sites! You’re doing FANTASTIC! I bet you have friends and other organizations asking you how in the world you set up a successful social media empire. Well, here are 5 key principles to share with them for using social media to promote a healthcare organization or any organization for that matter.

5 Key Principles

1.Find your Target Audience

First, ask yourself “Who are you trying to grab the attention of?” Teenagers, College Students, Parents, Older adults, or Seniors. This isn’t just WHO but make sure to keep in mind other areas like education, location, income, race, family life. There are a lot of different people you can target. Choose wisely for what you are offering on your Social Media account


2. Engage with Audience

Now that you know WHO  you are creating content for it’s time to get interact with them. Talking at people and never giving them a chance to respond is most companies mistakes but social media changes that whole problem. Alex York breaks down exactly what social media engagement is and how to use it in his blog.The interaction and engagement held with followers, fans, and friends is a tricky thing to accomplish but there are easy ways to get people talking.


Ask for reviews or testimonials and Share them on your site! A Review from fans or followers helps other followers feel more comfortable since its like hearing a recommendation from a friend.  Also receiving testimonials to utilize on your site is always something to ask followers for. Take the next step and sharing those reviews and testimonials so that more fans and followers turning their goo. Check out Mrs. Purdue’s testimonial about her health story.


3. Timing is Everything 

Don’t be that one company who is posting about Christmas on Dec. 26 but manage your post so you know when to release them. I know your thinking “How do I organize my post?” Well, its simple…create a conversation calendar. This calendar spells out exactly what you are going to post and when you will post it. Keep in mind if you are active on multiple social media platforms a calendar will be a must to keep things straight. Check out the example below of a conversation calendar.

Don’t be afraid to use Holidays to plug in a little health information in a fun manner. Check out how MUSC Health used Valentine’s day to talk about the heart!  Heart-Valentines day

4.Link Creditable Content (Only after reading the link fully)

Make your page the go-to when needing information. When retweeting or sharing content make sure you are checking and rechecking the content because this is something that can effect your creditably. So don’t just hit that share button before reading. This sounds like a given, right? Well, actually, EVERYONE is guilty of not reading content before reposting and we know this thanks to The Verge.


5. ROI- Return on Investment

ROI is one of the best ways to figure out if your organization is benefiting from the time, money, and effort that was needed to uphold the social media platform. Why waste time on a social media if your company isn’t benefiting from it? Now I bet you are wonder how do I find this out, well…


How to calculate your ROI:  It’s almost as easy as hitting that button up there but analytic tracking has seemed to be the best way! In the past it has been most common to use a third party company, which comes with a price. But why can’t this feature be FREE? Well, its becoming a tread that we see the social media websites developing their own analytic dashboard.

Check It Out: Twitter introduced its own analytic dashboard in July 2014 for ALL users, not just company pages. This dashboard tracks tweet impressions, engagement, and what sources are linked to your content.


Don’t forget to pass my blog and these 5 important keys to anyone who asks, “How did you learn to ropes of social media?”


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